Crisis–and we haven’t even left yet!

Two days before we are scheduled to fly out of Atlanta to Bangor, Maine and we are already faced with a minor crisis. Today we finished our mail drop boxes and rode over to my parent’s house to set them up for my family. We also brought extra gear for when the things we are taking inevitably wear out. The next item on the agenda was to wash our sleeping bags with Tech Wash which is specifically designed for each of our bags.

Well, we put my treated down bag in my mom’s fancy washing machine and when we came to open it we were greeted with a cloud of feathers. image A large rip in the bag had completely cleaned out a section of down, leaving it devoid of all it’s insulating softness. It looks like instead of sleeping tomorrow in preparation for a 3am drive to Hartsfield International I will be making my way back to REI for a last minute purchase. On the up shot though, our boxes are complete and ready for shipping. A load off our shoulders indeed!


A sea of boxes in the truck is now an organized pile which we will be receiving periodically as we make our way south. Two days till take off and so much to do! We will make it happen. We always do.



One thought on “Crisis–and we haven’t even left yet!

  1. Hey guys! I hope your wilderness stretch is going well. I really need to talk to you the next time you get service so make sure you call me ASAP. I love you and hope all is well,


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