A Day in the Life


On top of Moxie Bald Mountain


Chillin in Caratunk


View of the lake we swam in from on top of mountain.

[Written 6/14 at Moxie Bald Mountain Lean-to]

Most hikers we’ve seen are early risers. They wake up to alarms at 5 and 6 o’clock as the sun rises, hoping to get half the days mileage in before noon.

As for me and Treasure Hunter, we’re not about that life.

At least not yet. We set no alarms, we wake up slowly, cook breakfast, wash dishes, pack our things up, and haul out sometimes as late as 10 o’clock.

We never seem to fall behind the first wave of SOBOs we started out with (as much as we try); we are the last ones to roll into campsites at night.

This attitude along with a pristine blue lake is what leads us to be found on a sunny June day in Maine, taking a half day off to drink whiskey, fashion fishing rods, hang out, and do a bit of frigid swimming. (Ask anyone in Maine and June is not summer and too early to swim. I now see why.)

This, I think is the difference between Zero days in town an something of a Zero in the woods. (We are still climbing 4 miles of Moxie Bald at a steep 2,632 ft in the afternoon). In town, we we rush to shower, find laundry, go to the post office, clean or dry our gear, resupply, and other business. Out here by this lake, it is peaceful and warm and private. For now, this spot is ours and the mountains will still be there when we decide we are ready to climb them.

We know we have to pick up the pace and push ourselves in the coming months. We do have a schedule to consider and it would be nice to be home for Thanksgiving. But Maine is one of the wildest sections on the AT. And it’s about enjoying thi wilderness as much as we can.

[6/16 Caratunk, ME]

I’m beginning to be convinced it never stops raining in Maine. I also think the black flies were sent here directly from a nasty place in hell. The Mud sucks at our feet, the mosquitoes suck at our skin, and somehow this hike never really sucks 😛

150+ miles in, we are resupplying and biting the trail again tomorrow.

Happy Trails 🙂



3 thoughts on “A Day in the Life

  1. Hang in there, kiddos. I am walking beside you, in my mind anyway, which I admit is a bit easier.

    Today I fetch Steph and Savannah from MARTA. They are due in from Speculator mid-afternoon.

    Such a traveling family!

    Love, Aunt Dot


  2. Your writing is always such a pleasure to read. It’s especially so now with the challenge and excitement of the Trail and its opportunities to reflect inwardly and wonder in awe outwardly–and vice versa. I’m able to read your blog now that I am back from China, which was also an odyssey of experiences, only with much different daily activities. Like the two of you, I walked a miles and saw much natural beauty; however, I was surrounded by 65,000 students on a university campus and sleeping in a well-appointed apartment building designated for “Foreign Experts.” Thank you for making your journey “real” for your readers.


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