Our Daily Yum

Its time we draw attention to possibly the most important part of our days: feeding time. Food is God among hikers because after a long day of hiking a bottomless pit forms in your stomach which can only be filled by All You Can Eat type restaurants. Pizza and Chinese buffets beware when a group of hikers roll into town after a week on the trail. Your “AYCE” sign is a personal challenge to each of us and after we eat you out of house and home, we will make you eat your words.

Its become increasing clear to us as we meet other hikers, both Southbound and Northbound, who have been on the trail for a long time that when it comes to meal times, we are winning.

What’s the big difference between us and other hikers who sit down to their 300th dinner of mac and cheese and packaged tuna? Variety.

We spent over a year dehydrating elaborate meals for ourselves. You name it, we dehydrated it. We have fruits, vegetables, starches, salsa, BBQ sauce, dehydrated rice and noodles, etc.

For example, in contrast to Mr. Millionth-Mac-and-Cheese, a typical meal for us might be dehydrated pulled pork, mashed potatoes, corn, and green beans. And then the next night could be the ever-glorious taco night with dehydrated refried beans, chicken, baja corn blend, onions and peppers, and salsa.

The aromas that come off our 2 liter collapsible Sea to Summit pot draw jealous stares from other hikers in the shelter…

And we’ve got 6 months of this stuff just waiting to be shipped along by my wonderfully supportive mother. With the supplies we stock piled for a year, we will not end up looking like some of these scraggly, skin and bone northbounders who have subsisted on Knorr pasta sides for the past 4 months.

We are healthy and nourished. We have energy and we actually look forward to our meals instead of dreading the MSG overload that comes from eating nothing but Ramen. We didn’t realize it over a year ago when we started the dehydrating process what kind of a tremendous pay off our prep work would yield. It is immensely gratifying to have such a worthy appetite and still never have to go hungry.

So, I want to say THANK YOU.

Thank you to Ginger Anderson for letting us destroy your dehydrator.
Thank you to my mom for being so on top of our mail drops. We wouldn’t be eating it if you weren’t sending it.
Thank you to Treasure Hunter’s mom for her contributions as well.

Reconstituted food has never tasted so good.

Happy Trails,



After a stop in Great Barrington, MA we will be entering Connecticut within the next 2 days. The mosquitoes are awfully reminiscent of Maine so we are trying to hike quickly to escape the swarm! But good health, happy vibes, and beautiful mountainsides amount to no complaints on my side!


One thought on “Our Daily Yum

  1. Beautiful! Thank you for assuring all of us who are worried about your nourishment. No wonder you are doing well! Respect for body’s needs is #1, and you acted wisely. Who could complain about pulled pork?

    I’m so glad you are well again, Artemis. You sure looked pitiful in sleeping bag photo.

    Hugs to you both.

    Aunt Dot


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