Insert Expletive Here/ SoBos in Soho

Recently, we made the transition out of Massachusetts and into Connecticut. Three mountains marked our passage: Mt Everett, Mt Race, and Bear Mountain. In addition to providing us a stretch of strenuous hiking (like with Bear Mountain’s vertical rock climb), Mt Everett gave us an additional bump in the trail.

Equipment failure can be frustrating. But what’s even more exasperating is when it is neither yours nor the gear’s fault. While we were sleeping on the pine needle strewn ground near the Glenbrook shelter, a unknown critter entered our midst…

in the morning, I woke up early as usual, performing the usual chores of filtering water  an getting ready for breakfast when I discovered something that provoked some violent swearing.

“What? What happened?” Treasure Hunter’s head popped up from his sleeping bag, swiveling left and right as if to spot the perpetrator of my distress.

“Those mother fuckers ate our pot!” In fact, it was likely a chipmunk or other small rodent that had left gnawing teeth marks not only on several gaping holes in the rubber sides of our cooking pot but, as if to add insult to injury, also a Hershey’s chocolate bar that had been delivered to us by my family straight from Hershey, PA!

Our poor pot


Our pot has been the object of envy for a lot of hiking couples we’ve passed because it is one of the only pots on the market large enough to cook for two at the same time. Plus, it’s collapsible! So it fits in my pack very conveniently.

Luckily, Sea to Summit, like many outfitters, offers a warranty for their gear. Because we’ve only had the pot since April, we should be able to contact the distributor and have it replaced.

In the meantime, we will make due with the half of the pot that will still hold liquid. It may take up to two weeks to receive a replacement because we are on the move, but Sea to Summit is used to dealing with rambling customers like us. 😊


The next stop after reaching Connecticut is the village of Salisbury. Upon our arrival on Saturday morning, the post office had not yet received either our food drop or the summer sleeping bag I had ordered offline. So, faces with the prospect of having to kill time until Monday, we made the split-second decision to take advantage of our proximity and try to hitch it into New York City!

At first, we were filled with doubt as to just how possible such a detour might be considering our shoe string-esque funds. It’s the first time we tried to hitch hike away from the trail towns that are used to seeing hitching hikers. It is also a distance of roughly 80 miles from Salisbury to NYC.

To our great surprise, the hitches were immediate and we got to a close train station in no time. Although, look at these faces.

You would stop for these faces.You would stop for these faces too.

In addition to this successful journey, we were aided by the immense generosity of Miss Felicity, a family friend of Treasure Hunter’s who lives in the city and graciously allowed us to stay in her home. And so commenced our adventures in the big city.

We hiked the crap out of New York City, covering most of The neighborhoods of Manhattan and some of Brooklyn in two days.

Here are some of our favorites from the past two days:


Riding the underground subway system was thrilling, at least to me. It’s a great way to see characters of the city. The first car we got on had musicians who were improvising a song with a verse about us! We tend to stand out with our packs on.


We visited Ground Zero. There were no words for this place.


Le pain quotidienne had the best coffee and oatmeal I’ve ever had in my life. Treasure Hunter had a superb waffle as well.

imageWe wandered Central Park for hours. I’m laughing here because I just fell off the Alice in Wonderland mushroom. 😝


I wanted to drink scotch at the bar which inspired the creators of How I Met Your Mother. Yeah, it’s like that. And it was… Legendary. 😊


And we of course had to see Lady Liberty from the free ferry between Manhattan and Staten Island.

So, with our pockets lighter and our spirits higher, we return to the trail near Salisbury, where our packages had by now arrived. It was fun New York! But I’m happy to be away from the inundation of humans back to the beauty of the mountains.


We are a third of the way through! And while both have their merits, I’d rather wake up to this:


Than the smoky haze of this:


So until the next–

Happy trails,



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