A List of Grievances Against the State of Connecticut

(or, you know, everything in general.)

I began a list yesterday morning of all the things I’d like to call my mother and cry about. This probably isn’t the most helpful or healthy way to deal with trail blues, but it sure did keep my mind occupied for awhile.

It’s not always sunshine and daisies even though I feel I have no right to really complain since all of this is self-induced and I was aware of how uncomfortable it would be at times before I even started. Recently, I keep hearing the words of a friend who’s daughter hiked the trail saying, “Your feet will hurt. All the time. That’s just going to happen.” Yeah. So despite all, I am going to complain.

    Oh my goodness. You would think we were hiking below the gnat line in Georgia. This hasn’t been an issue since the first 150-ish miles in Maine, and I’m starting to remember why it was so necessary for me to wear my bug jacket. Constant bugs in my face and in my ears wears me down. It’s so hard not to be irritated and crabby when my eyes are being dive-bombed by gnats. AND the word from the Northbounders is that its going to be like this until we get through New Jersey. God help me.
    Yes, they do hurt pretty much all the time. They feel constantly swollen and sore. Having my feet poked with needles because of the blisters developing under ALL my toes, is not my favorite pass time in the evening.
    I just bought a fuel canister that was TEN DOLLARS. Are you kidding me? That’s TWICE what it should cost. A local told me all the prices are jacked up around here because of all the New Yorkers touring through the quaint CT towns.
    All the streams are starting to get smaller…and smaller…and smaller… And the water you pump out of them is hot. Which is not what you want when hiking in humid, ninety degree weather.
    It’s so freakin’ hot. Summer finally caught up to us. I’m ready for fall now please.

So, I’m hiking along the trail contemplating this list and its array of miseries that I have inflicted on myself. My trekking poles are half useless because I’m waving them around my head to combat the ever-present army of bugs.

And then Treasure Hunter, totally oblivious to the parade of unhappiness behind him, turns around and says: “Artemis! Look!” He’s got his hand on the handles of his trekking poles so that they are parallel and the poles are going opposite directions. “I’ve got a double-sided light saber!”

Then there’s a light saber fight. And I think he lets me win.

And I remember that, despite all, we are indeed, winning.

Happy trails,


P.S. Mom, please send my bug net back.


3 thoughts on “A List of Grievances Against the State of Connecticut

  1. So sorry, Artemis. What can I do to help? I do pray for your well-being.

    Just remember: one small step for you; one Giant Step for humankind, especially of the female variety. Go, girl!

    Here in Speculator at our summer cottage there is a book about the Appalachian Trail…its history and such. Do you hikers want me to bring it back to Georgia to present to you at Thanksgiving?

    I wonder how the Indians combatted bugs?

    Love and hugs to both.

    Aunt Dot

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