Resupplying at West Point

While we have had a terrific time with USPS men and women, the shipping process itself hasn’t always come through. Such was the case in Fort Montgomery, New York. When we arrived at the post office, Teresa informed me she had no package under my name (we use our real names for packages because you have to show ID to claim them).

After a brief hubbub over finding the tracking number and seeing who sent what where, it was confirmed that our package was bouncing around in transit nowhere land. Which is a problem when you’re counting on that package to feed you for the next five days.

Luckily, the trail provides. Or, in this case, West Point Military Academy provides.

Some places along the trail have “hiker boxes” which are containers full of exchange items. You put in what you don’t want, and you pick up something you need. The range of items is huge, spanning from q-tips, needle and thread, to extra packs of Mac and Cheese.

The Fort Montgomery hiker box had just been visited by the famous military institution located about 5 miles up the road, and there was a brand new box full of MREs for the taking.

So, when your dehydrated food package doesn’t come, stuff your food bag full of MREs!

For those who haven’t seen the inside of an MRE package (like me before now), they are chock full of nifty stuff! Not only do you get your entrée, but there are snacks, spoons, condiment packages with hot beverages, desserts, and C-4 heating pads for cooking the meals.

MREs are a beautiful thing. They may not taste awesome, and they might sit like a rock in your stomach, but they do the job and they were free!


We’ve taken this as a change of pace from our normal rations and it’s been fun. It’s a new experience for both us. Now I know how to prepare an MRE!

Just another unexpected AT adventure. Thanks West Point!

Happy trails,




One thought on “Resupplying at West Point

  1. “C-4 heating pads” for cooking? This I have to see.

    Blessings as you put one foot in front of the other, on and on!


    Aunt Dot


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