We are entering our eighth state and rapidly approaching the halfway point at Harper’s Ferry, WV. At this point, we have been on the trail for over three months and we have an estimated 3 months to go, placing our arrival at Springer Mountain in early December.

Six months is a long time to be out on the trail and between equipment, food, an other expenses, we end up dropping some cash. So now that we are a good ways along, I’m reposting the link to our gofundme account. We started the fund before we left, but didn’t quite reach the goal amount. Any small help we receive helps to push us on our way home to Georgia. So, if you would be interested in supporting our hike, here is a link to follow:


Or you can google “gofundme help Zach and Meg hike the AT” and our link should appear.

By contributing to the gofundme account, you will help us:

  1. Equipment (ie. water filtration cartridges etc.)
  2. Canister fuel to cook our meals with
  3. Socks (I’m on my fourth pair)
  4. Boot repair (super glue and duct tape until they are completely irreparable)
  5. New boots (it will be a miracle if these make it to GA)
  6. Toilet paper
  7. Peanut butter (lots and lots of peanut butter…)
  8. Washing and drying our dirty, stinky clothes.
  9. Showers (when we can’t bathe in a creek, most places charge $5 to use the shower facilities)
  10. Batteries for our headlamps
  11. Postage (we will be sending home our summer gear for cold weather gear shortly)
  12. Occasional lodging expenses (we’ve only paid for lodging three times so far, but sometimes you just need a place to regroup)
  13. Park admission fees like in places like the Smoky Mountains
  14. The occasional extra large pizza from a local pizza shop after we’ve been hiking five days without ever being properly full
  15. Anything else that may come up. It’s an unpredictable life out here.

We love and appreciate all the support we’ve gotten since the very beginning! From those who have contributed directly and from the general support of our friends and families, those mostly being the same people.

It all helps us continue to have faith in ourselves as we continue down this long road.

A big thanks and happy trails,





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