Hiatus Alert

So, over the past few weeks, I’ve revived this blog from when we were hiking the Appalachian trail and started a new narrative about our time hiking in Scotland.
And I have been so happy to see people reading and (hopefully) enjoying our journey from this past September!

I want to say thank you to everyone who is following, or just dropping in to check it out. I appreciate your time and willingness to read these stories. It really means a lot.

Zach and I are still traveling. We have been living in Australia on a working holiday visa for the past 5 1/2 months. We are just about to wrap up a wonderful two months we have spent working on a family farm in Victoria and are going to be hitting the road in New Zealand for awhile.

Because we are planning on travelling very light, camping, hiking, and staying on the move as much as possible, I have decided I won’t be taking my electronics (besides my iphone) with me.

As a result, all the work I’ve been doing on this site and our stories is going to take a bit of a hiatus for the next month.

When we get back to Australia, I will continue to write.
I just can’t make promises in the meantime while we are in NZ, without consistent internet and without my laptop (where all of my photos are stored).

Again THANK YOU SO MUCH for visiting this blog and giving me that little jumpy feeling when I look at my viewership stats.

Stayed tuned because we will be back!

Peace out for now

-Meg and Zach



Me and Zach with Jetta, the farm’s blue heeler


One thought on “Hiatus Alert

  1. I may be able to make it that long but I have so enjoyed traveling vicariously with you two. Your writing is wonderfully expressive; there are times you describe sights, smells and sounds so well I feel I am sharing experience with the two of you. May you never lose your wanderlust! Marta


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