Climbing Out

The Hazards are the gateway out of Wineglass Bay back to the car park.

Luckily, this is a popular hike with day trippers and that means the track is wide and well-maintained and the steps you climb into the saddle of the peaks are a beautifully created rock staircase.

It is roughly a two hour trip from the bottom at the beach, over the saddle between Mt. Amos and Mt. Mayson, and down again to the trail head and the exit.

In the saddle, the option of climbing an extra specially crafted staircase is available for a final lookout over Wineglass Bay. We dropped out packs and hopped the steps to see the view that hits Instagram the most from day hikers.



The platform is crowded with people who have reached the pinnacle of their day’s hike. The lookout offers a full panorama of the beach, but there’s no way to be able to spot the Bay’s namesake shape from that angle. To get the exceptional birds-eye view like the one we got from the top of Mount Freycinet from this side, one would have to do some rock climbing to the top of the Hazards peaks.

After three gritty nights on the beaches, we were grateful to see our car and the opportunity to shower and launder some of the sand from our packs and clothes. The shining light of a $2 shower with no time limit at the YMCA Aquatic Center guided us back to Hobart.

The next morning we would pick up a $5 per day relocation vehicle from the airport, travel in the 2 Berth Motorhome out of Hobart through the unpopulated and stunningly pure center of Tassie, cross over Cradle Mountain in the sleet and snow, and then smuggle me into a boat in a pile of pillows and blankets for the 10 hour ferry over the Tasman Strait back to Melbourne.

But that’s another story.



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