This blog relates the hiking travels and experiences of me and my husband Zach (also known on the trail as Artemis and Treasure Hunter respectively) as we follow trails to sublime corners of the world.

It started out as the tale of our Appalachian Trail thru-hike which we undertook in 2015. But what started as a single adventure changed our lives and now our sights extend much farther than the long trail in our backyard in the southeastern USA.

Look to this site for stories of life on the dusty trails, advice for gear, preparations for a long hike, and food prep.

In the two years before our long hike, we lived in our local REI (incidentally the one they used for the ‘Walk in the Woods’ film), staring at and comparing gear. In the gear section of the blog, you’ll find reviews of our experiences with everything from water filtration to sleeping pads and everything in between that is necessary on an extended hike. Even some things that aren’t necessary.

Also, one of the most significant aspects of our hikes is how we prepare our meals and nutrition. We spent over a year before our AT thru-hike prepping our trail diet with a much loved dehydrator (RIP), experimenting with different fruits, veggies, meats, starches, and sauces. In addition to our expertise with dehydrated meals, we also offer suggestions on how to make the most of fresh ingredients you can find on the trail and in your food bag.

Our approach to backpacking is laid back; it is not obsessive about calories in the diet and is less likely to dismiss clever gear that weighs a couple extra ounces/kilos. Our philosophy is that hiking is meant to be enjoyable and good food and small comforts make life fun on the trail.

I hope these articles can help lead you to the places which are the setting for some of the most magnificent and purely joyful times of life.





One thought on “About

  1. How fabulous to walk beside you, in a manner of speaking, Me an Zach. I just got the instructions to access your blog so now can enjoy the adventure with you from the comfort of my own home. Quite a contrast to where you are, where you have already come from, and where you are going. It’s a beautiful Saturday in Atlanta and I hope so in Maine, too, or wherever you trod today. Your accounts are fabulous, your photos awe-inspiring! Thank you for taking us along. Blessings as you put one foot in front of the other, ever forward, dear Treasure Hunter and.Artemis (? I have to go back and get it right next time; ‘scuse me). Love and peace,
    Aunt Dot


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